About us

XXX is a Polish firm founded in 1992 which specializes in selling fresh fruits and production of cooled fruits.

Fresh fruits are sold on the local market, while pre-cooled and frozen goods are mainly exported to European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

Our assortment is sold in barrels, as pulp in fruit tanks or as a completely frozen product.

The annual sales of goods amounts to 1500 ton. Our fruits are acquired from the best fruit growers from the area of Podkarpackie and Lubelskie provinces.  

Agrofres is a growing company that is still expanding its trade area.

The whole production process is done using the HACCP system with full identification from the purchase, the processing and sale.

Fruits examinations conducted in the accredited laboratories guarantee fresh and healthy goods without artificial colouring and preservatives.

Products are free from genetic modifications.

As a company we take every single step to provide our customers with high quality products. Certificates conducted in the laboratories represent part of our job. Quality refers also to employees who put a lot of effort in to build quality awareness.